Posted: July 2, 2019

Welcome Back or Welcome to Ecole Hammond Bay! We hope you had a restful summer and are excited to be back at school :) The following is Back to School Information for Ecole Hammond Bay.  Please see the School District's main webpage for Back to School Information for all schools. Tuesday, September 3, 2019:  11 am -12 pm - Grade 1-7 students attend.  We will be meeting in the gym to assign tentative classes. Wednesday, September 4, 2019:  First full day of school for Grade 1-7 students in tentative classes. Thursday, September 5, 2019:  Kindergarten students attend for 1 hour:  9-10 am for Groups A and B; 12:30-1:30 pm for Groups C and D.  Parents will be given a school tour while students are in class. Kindergarten Gradual Entry Schedule:
  • Friday, September 6:  8:35 -11:45 am for Groups B and D; 12:20 -2:27 pm for Groups A and C
  • Monday, September 9:  8:35-11:30 am - all groups attend
  • Tuesday, September 10:  8:35 - 11:45 am for Groups A and D; 12:20 - 2:27 pm for Groups C and B
  • Wednesday, September 11:  8:35-11:45 am for Groups C and D; 12:20-2:27 pm for Groups A and B
  • Thursday, September 12:  first full day for all Kindergarten students