School Supplies lists will be sent out by classroom teachers once class placements are finalized.
Here is a list of items you may wish to pick up prior to school start. These are universal items that all students will require yearly, no matter what grade level:

  • Inside shoes (non marking soles) for gym class.  *
  • Refillable Water bottle*
  • Ear phones or ear buds*
  • Backpack*
  • Appropriate Outer wear for the Coastal Weather*

* Please ensure you label all of your child’s items as things are easily lost or left behind and we want to be able to return them to your child. Students entering grades 1-7, please do not bring any supplies on Tuesday September 6th.  They will not be needed.
Students entering Kindergarten please refer to the Gradual Entry letter for what to bring each day.

*If you are in need of financial assistance to purchase school supplies please do let your classroom teacher know through email once class lists are finalized and classroom specific supply lists are sent out.  Your email will remain confidential and will only be shared with the appropriate staff members to support you. If you are in need of the start up supplies listed above please email the main office.  We are a community and we want to help out.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us.