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Welcome to Hammond Bay Elementary

Currently enrolling 363 students in our school and having a staff of 29, Ecole Hammond Bay was originally constructed in 1969.  In 1999, French Immersion was offered as an option in our school district, and Ecole Hammond Bay became a single track French Immersion school.  Our school has grown to 16 divisions, from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Located adjacent to beautiful Neck Point Park, Ecole Hammond Bay is one of the largest French Immersion schools in the School District.  We offer instruction in the French language from Kindergarten to Grade 7.

Ecole Hammond Bay is undergoing an expansion!  We are currently under construction to add 10 additional classrooms, a band/music room and open collaborative spaces for students to work together.  Starting in February 2021, the construction is expected to be completed in July 2022.

Mission Statement

“We shall provide learning experiences in cooperation with the family and the community. We shall help children develop the skills and attitudes necessary for fulfillment as individuals and as responsible members of society.”